January 19, 2012
Tigum-Aganan weather monitoring project launched Jan. 20

  February 8, 2012
DOT initiates MOA to improve tourism frontliners in WVisayas

  February 9, 2012
PNP Region 6 starts re-greening activity

  February 15, 2012
Hiligaynon News: DOT ginpangunahan ang MOA para sa pagpaayo sang "tourism front liners"

  February 23, 2012
Sight-saving surgeries start in Iloilo

  February 24, 2012
Hiligaynon News: Pagsalbar sang mata pinaagi sa operasyon ginsuguran sa Iloilo

  February 28, 2012
DENR to support community-based NGP initiatives

  March 22, 2012
Upland towns in Iloilo identify potential tourist sites

  April 6, 2012
Iloilo to host National Festival of Talents 2012

  April 14, 2012
Getting to know San Miguel in a song

  May 6, 2012
Antique dads petition DOTC to use local airport as flight destination

  May 7, 2012
Kinaray-a News: Domestic flights ginapagabay para sa Antique airport

  June 4, 2012
Iloilo airport ready for international flights

  June 22, 2012
Hiligaynon News: Akreditado nga mga tour operators nagtambong tour packaging seminar

  June 21, 2012
Accredited Iloilo tour operators to undergo tour packaging seminar

  July 17, 2012
Iloilo to HK direct flight starts Nov 8

  July 25, 2012
Hiligaynon news: Direkta nga pagpanakayon gikan sa Iloilo pa Hong Kong magasugud Nobyembre 8

  August 9, 2012
Iloilo Guv cites gains in SOPA

  August 19, 2012
MIWD steps up efforts to increase water supply

  August 27, 2012
DOT, DFA to work for sustained intíl flights in Iloilo

  September 10, 2012
News feature: Ilonggo students want more info on eco-tourism, survey says

  September 12, 2012
Campaign against illegal recruitment gets boost with MOA signing

  September 13, 2012
Hiligaynon news: Kampanya batuk sa illegal recruitment ginpabaskug sa pagpirma sang MOU

  September 15, 2012
Iloilo Airport seeks more personnel for intíl flights

  October 22, 2012
Singaporean travel agents to visit West Visayas

  November 9, 2012
Iloilo now an international gateway to the world- Drilon

  November 9, 2012
Tour packages to promote, boost Iloiloís tourism underway

  November 12, 2012
Hiligaynon news: Isa na ka ganhaan para sa kalibutan ang Iloilo, suno kay Drilon

  November 13, 2012
Hiligaynon news: Tour packages nga magapasanyog sang turismo sa Iloilo ginapaayo na

  November 14, 2012
Confucian proverb inspires teen center creation in Iloilo

  November 26, 2012
CUI cites huge ecotourism potential for Iloilo

  December 11, 2012
Iloiloís upland towns gear for ecotourism accreditation

  December 27, 2012
'Quinta' affects more than 2,500 families in Iloilo

  December 27, 2012
Flood waters inundate 19 Iloilo towns