Road widening project to Iloilo Airport benefits transport, commuters

PIA Press Release 2009/03/09

Road widening project to Iloilo Airport benefits transport, commuters

Iloilo (9 March) -- Residents of the towns of Pavia, Sta, Barbara, Cabatuan and commuters coming from the central Iloilo towns said the road improvement and widening project to the Iloilo Airport has made travel convenient and fast for them.

New Iloilo Airport users have likewise experienced travel time reduced, with the 13,096-kilometer widening undertaken by the the Department of Public works and Highways.

Public Works and Highways Director Rolando Asis said the project which is a SONA priority of President Arroyo, has been fast tracked on a 24/7, barring unforeseen unfavorable weather conditions.

Asis said they are confident to substantially complete the road widening project before the end of 2009.

Mayor Arcadio Gorriceta of Pavia said the road widening from the city of Iloilo, passing his town's road section of 5.6 kilometers has cut travel time from the city to the Iloilo Airport from 35 to 45 minutes to 15-20 minutes, once the four-lane project is completed.

"By that time, it will be traffic free and it will spark the economic development of Pavia, and this town will progress more than twice as it is experiencing now," Gorriceta said. (ESS/PIA 6)

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